Happy New Year cyber forensicators! We have opened up registration for the 2019 Palmetto Digital Forensics Competition. NEW this year is the opportunity for high school and college students to attend in THREE states: South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.

Those wishing to compete in the aforementioned states will get to participate in their respective state hosting location. Locations for this years competition are Trident Technical College in North Charleston, SCCapitol Technical University in Laurel, MD, and Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA.

Quick notes about PDFC 2019:

  1. High School students must be actively enrolled in classes from ninth grade through twelfth grade in MD. College students must also be currently enrolled in a bachelors or associates program.
  2. Each participant must pre-register. Registration is official once you receive a confirmation email and is based on first-come first-serve basis.
  3. You must be onsite/in-person to compete in PDFC 2019.
  4. A grand champion will be awarded across all states. For each state a winner will be recognized for each division.

We are excited about PDFC 2019 and look forward to challenging you during a fun day of cyber forensic scenarios!

Pre-Register for PDFC 2019